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When I started making the game, the first thing I did was find the right music for Tonbo-X in order to get a better feel for the design, speed and gameplay.

The approach was reminiscent of that used in George Lucas' Empire Strikes Back, in which John Williams composed the soundtrack before any scene was ever filmed.

The decision for what track would be used came quickly. A track that fit perfectly into the designed feel of the game: Inner Space by Apex

A driving DnB track that unfolds its power in the course of its six minutes with such emotion and musical prowess.

I played the track constantly while developing the game. Still to this day! As with Method Acting, I stay in tune with the process continuously so as to never lose the feel.

Listening to the song simultaneously helps me with certain realities I am currently facing in my own life, namely the devastating separation from my family, and continues to keep me focused on this project.

After three months of continuous development, I decided to contact Robert Dickeson (Apex), the creator of the song, personally to ask what a commercial license for the song would cost. I had to have it since the game was born from the track. After a few attempts I still didn't receive a message back.

So I searched for another way to get in contact with him. While trying to get a hold of him I began to feel like something was not right. My stomach turned queasy. Soon after, my uneasiness became sadness as I found out through several blogs that Robert had chosen to leave this world on September 30th, 2017.

After a later conversation with his life partner, who confirmed for me the sad passing of Robert, I decided to write these lines as my last homage to Robert:

Thank you for your feelings. For your way of giving me the necessary strength for ourselves and for those who surround us. The power and love in your music that motivates me each and every time I listen to you, even when my life is consumed with grief. This single song continues to hold me upright to this day, even when I have lost everything that is sacred to me. How am I able to explain this to another who has never felt this way before? I do not know.

As a way to pay our last respects to you, we are asking for your gracious permission, albeit late, to use your composition, which means so much to me for this project.

It is cruel, because in the past few months, when you realized that you couldn't escape your suffering, you in turn kept me alive.

Life is a bitch.

Rest in peace, Robert.

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In honor to Robert Dickeson, alias APEX! (R.I.P.)